Adhesive Mirrors

Know what's behind you at all times!

PC-eye is specifically designed to adhear to computers, office equipment, cupboards, and other items around the home or work. As a rotating mirror with regular and convex surfaces, it has multiple uses to know who is behind you.

Have you ever been surprised by someone coming up behind you? This adhesive mirror ensures that will never happen again.

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About Us

The best adhesive riew-view mirror

PC-eye has the newest rear-view technology, using non-breakable highly reflective acrylic material for the mirrors, and a patented, state-of-the-art mechanism for rotating and tilting the viewing surfaces.

We are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality personal viewer. PC-eye is not only aesthetically pleasing in design and quality but will provide you with an awareness of your surroundings that will enhance your well-being and level of comfort.

The unique rear-view dual-mirror assembly with a wide-angle-view convex mirror on the front and a conventional plain mirror on the reverse side. The whole assembly rotates and tilts on a fixed base. It is multi-purpose, designed for people working in an enclosed environment who need to be aware of the activities going on in the background

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Who we are

The best privacy control mirror available!

What is it?

A dual mirror, state-of-the-art, PC mirror used as a personal viewer. With a wide-angle-view convex mirror on one side and a conventional mirror on the other, the easy-to-use and easy-to-install PC-eye offers users both the peace of mind of monitoring their surroundings and a convenient means to attend to personal appearance.


Intended Use

In busy offices and call centers, the PC-eye personal viewer is a perfect addition. The convex mirror allows personnel to remain focused on their tasks and eliminate the distraction of turning around to see every person who steps into their work area. An anecdotal study indicates an increase of productivity of up to 30 percent in certain work environments.

For switchboard and call center operators, the conventional mirror allows them to monitor their facial expressions, ensuring that they deliver the all-important smile with their voices while handling calls.

Other Uses

This mirror can be mounted to golf carts, ATVs, snowmobiles, and boats for a low cost riew-view mirror or backup solution.

Hunters use our mirrors in stands or blinds to see what's coming behind them.

Survivalists stock our mirrors in their "bug-out" bags so zombies or people don't surprise them in hinding.

Retail stores and gas stations use our mirror to prevent theft and robberies.

How it started

The idea of the PC-eye was first conceived in 1997. It then took two years of design and prototyping to perfect the patented swivel mechanism (U.S. Patent number - US 6,286,966 B1), leading to the founding of the corporation in April of 1999. The PC-eye is the patented rear-view technology, using non-breakable, non-toxic, highly reflective acrylic material for the mirrors and a highly functional mechanism for rotating and tilting the viewing surfaces.

Where is it today

In 2017 the owner of PC-eye decided he didn't have the time or ability to grow the business. The company was listed on Craig's List as available to be aquired if the inventory and assets were taken from the owners basement. The business was transitioned to the owner of a local marketing firm. PC-eye was rebranded, and the product begain selling through other channels like Amazon.

2017 is a new begining for PC-eye. As the company grows, who knows where it will go!

The only adhesive mirror that alternates between regular and convex surfaces.

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PC-eye Pricing

Our privacy control mirrors are available in packs of one, three or five. For orders of 10 or more, please contact us for bulk pricing.

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Five Pack

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